Cavistes in Paris

The pick of the city's many wine shops. All of these places have great natural wines at under ten Euros.

La Cave de l'Insolite

30, rue de la Folie-Mericourt

Probably the best natural wine shop in Paris, and definitely the friendliest.
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Cave des Papilles

35, rue Daguerre

La Cave des Papilles rivals L'Insolite as the best in Paris for natural wine.
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Caves Augé

116, boulevard Haussmann

The city's most historic and beautiful wine shop now specialises in natural wine.
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Crus et Decouvertes

7, rue Paul Bert

Passionate young caviste Mikael Lemasle is rapidly building a repuation for his excellent and very natural selection of wines.
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Le Chapeau Melon

92, rue Rebeval

As co-creator of Le Baratin (just around the corner) Olivier Camus was one the first in Paris to champion natural wine.
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Mi-fugue, Mi-raisin

36/38, rue Delambre

Serge Ganem and Pierre Martin have had the novel idea of fusing a cave specialising in natural wine with a classical music shop specialising in baroque.
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