Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions about natural wine.

What is natural wine ?

Natural wine is wine made in the purist, simplest, and most difficult way. A healthy grape naturally possesses everything that is needed to make wine and a truly natural wine is made from organic grapes and nothing else.

How is it different from organic wine ?

Most organic wines, although made from organically grown grapes, are technologically and chemically manipulated in the winery. The term organic wine is in fact illegal (see Wine law). In effect, all natural wine is organic but very little organic wine is natural.

How is it different from biodynamic wine ?

Biodynamics is a specific form of organic farming employing a complex system of herbal sprays and composting techniques.

Certfiied biodynamic wines are made from grapes farmed in this way, but there are few guarantees as to how the grapes are made into wine.

How do you know that a wine is natural ?

The only way to be certain how naturally a wine is produced is to know the producer personally, visit him at work in the vineyard, and know what you are looking for.

Why drink natural wine ?

It tastes better, costs less, is better for your health, and better for the environment. Just as importantly you are supporting a genuine artisan, who may well be struggling to survive.

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