Approaches to viticulture

For as long as there have been chemicals in the vineyard, there have been those who rejected their use.

Today's growers have four main approaches to choose from.

Conventional viticulture

Conventional growers control the life of the vineyard with a series of toxic sprays. Their aim is to keep the vine 'healthy' by killing anything that might be harmful to it.

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La lutte raisonée

La lutte raisonnée means 'the reasoned struggle'. Growers who practice this kind of viticulture claim to use chemicals less often and less aggressively than conventional growers, but are not subject to any legal controls.

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Organic viticulture

The use of chemicals in organic farming is strictly controlled by law. Almost none of what is available to the conventional grower is permitted.

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Biodynamic viticulture

Biodynamics is a form of organic agriculture based on the ideas of Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner. It involves a complex system of herbal sprays and composting techniques known as 'preparations'.

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