is dedicated to promoting French natural wine in the English-speaking world.

Our aim is help inform wine-drinkers everywhere about exactly what goes into the wine they drink, natural, organic, biodynamic, or otherwise.

We passionately believe that non-interventionist winemaking produces the healthiest, best tasting, and most distinctive wine.

Why more than organic ?

Current EU law contains no definition of organic wine and does not allow the term to appear on any wine label. Legally speaking, organic wine does not exist.

When people talk about organic wine, what they usually mean is wine made from organically grown grapes. The distinction is important because wines can be made from organically grown grapes in a variety of ways.

Almost all of what is commonly thought of as organic wine has been chemically and technologically manipulated in the winery.

It is a mass-produced product, consumed by people who wrongly believe it to be free from additives. In France, the term natural wine has evolved as a way out of this confusion.

A natural wine is not only made from organically grown grapes. It is also made in the most natural possible way.

For that reason it is more than organic.

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