Advantages of natural wine

For the consumer, the advantages of natural wine are obvious. It tastes better, costs less, is better for your health, and better for the environment.


Natural wine tastes better than conventional wine.

A wine is not great simply because it is natural. Not every vineyard is capable of producing a great wine. But organic farming and natural winemaking are the way to get the best out of a vineyard, whatever its potential.

Natural winemaking will always produce a better, more individual wine than conventional methods used on the same site.


Natural wine is good for you.

Conventional winemakers claim that the many chemicals used in the production of their wines are present in the bottle only in harmlessly small quantities.

In natural wine, nothing is present that has not come from the grape.


Natural wine is better value for money.

The price of a French wine is governed largely by its place in the appellation system. This is supposed to reflect the quality of the vineyard from which it is made.

Natural wines offer better value for money because they get more out of a vineyard of any given value.

Many natural winemakers choose to operate outside the appellation system altogether. These wines can only be labelled vin de table, however good they are, and are often outstanding value.

Environmental impact

Natural wine is better for the environment.

All natural wine is the product of sustainable agriculture. A great natural wine can only be made on land that has been farmed organically for many years.

Where your money goes

A natural winemaker is a genuine artisan.

Natural winemaking requires skill, patience, nerve, and hard physical labour. In most cases it brings small financial rewards. There is more money, less risk, and far less work in making wine conventionally.

Only someone passionately committed to the idea of natural wine would choose to work in this way. These people deserve our support.

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