Natural wine links

Useful links on natural, organic, and biodynamic wine, organic and biodynamic agriculture, and a few other things.


Information :

  • Les vins naturels
    Excellent resource for information on natural wine. Principally in French, but a few pages in English translation.

  • The wine anorak
    Good general resource for information on wine.

  • Organic Wine Journal
    Excellent resource on the issues surrounding natural and organic in the US.

  • Jacques Daudon
    Some excellent wine-related pages, particularly on sulphur, and much else of interest. French only.

Blogs :

  • Domaine des Griottes
    A blog in French from one of the best natural winemakers in France. Pictures and video of Pat and Babass working in the vines.

  • Wine terroirs
    Excellent wine blog with profiles of some very natural producers. Some great photos and useful winebar reviews. Written in English by a Frenchman.

  • Alice Feiring
    Famous american wine critic who argues for authenticity in wine. Plenty of recommendations.

  • Jamie Goode
    An expert in wine science with an interest in natural wine. Great blog.

Commercial :

  • Racines
    Top Japanese importer of natural wine.

  • Chambers Street Wines
    The best natural wine shop in New York. Mail order sales within the US.

  • les Zinzins du vin
    Great online shop for natural wine. In French, serves France.

  • Joe Dressner
    Eccentric US wine importer with natural leanings.

  • Gout en scene
    Ludovic Roif organises a variety of unusual wine events, including outdoor tastings.

  • Le Saint Jus
    An excellent natural wine caviste in Lyon.

Publications :